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(1930 – 2012) “The Retrospect Yearbook 1947” from Armstronga??s senior year at Blume High School in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Hardcover, 8 x 11, 88 pages. Armstronga??s senior portrait is at the top of page 12, and signed in ink under his activities, a??Neil Armstrong.a?? Among the activities he participated in during his three years at school are a??Band (2,3,4) Vice-President 4,a?? and a??Student Council 3,4.a?? Armstrong is pictured an addition six times in the yearbook, two in the band (one with the other officers), two for Student Council (one with the other officers), and two with the Senior Hia??Y, whose information reads, in part: a??Clean Livinga??self-discipline in everyday life, Clean Speecha??decency in conversation, Clean Scholarshipa??honesty in school, Clean Sportmanshipa??fairness in athletics.a?? In good condition and no doubt one of the earliest known Armstrong Autographs. Exceptionally rare in early items such as this.


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