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Sergio Pininfarina

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(1926 – 2012) “Pininfarina 1930-1990 Catalogue Raisonne” with genuine written dedication signed in person by Sergio Pininfarina. 2 volume set in the original slipcase. Published in Italy in 1990 by Automobilia. English, French & Italian text. Edited by Bruno Alfieri. Rare. Italian automobile designer, like his father Battista Farina. After joining his father at Carrozzeria Pininfarina, he quickly became integral to the company, and during his career oversaw many of the designs (particularly Ferraris) for which the company is famous. In 1961 his family surname was changed from Farina to Pininfarina, to match that of the company, by decree of the Italian president. After his father’s death in 1966, Pininfarina became chairman of the company. On September 23, 2005 he was named Senator for Life of the Italian Republic by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (together with Giorgio Napolitano). In 2006 Sergio was named Honorary Chairman at Pininfarina, with his late son Andrea succeeding him as Chairman and CEO. ENQUIRE FOR MORE IMAGES